Guided motorbike tours into the Black Forrest or the Ore Mountains:

That means BikesOnRoad!

Lac de Roselend- Route des Grandes Alpes

Bikesonroad offers guided motorbike tours. Using your own or a rented motorcycle you will be staying on tarmacked roads. We concentrate firstly on the regions Black Forest and Ore Mountains.

Our travel philosophy is:

  • breathtaking, winding roads in picturesque countryside
  • Discovering, living and enjoying the characteristics and beauty of the region
  • Depending on which tour is chosen special features like wellness or a visit to a whiskey distillery

Judith in den Alpen

Our participants have a passion for motorbiking but at the same time want to unwind, relax and experience their new surroundings. Our participants are eager to meet new people and discover the region. And last but not least our participants enjoy the pleasure every bend and panorama has to offer and at the same time want to have a relaxing experience.

We are also happy to organize custom-made tours. Please feel free to inquire.

And now please enjoy viewing our tour packages!

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