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Motorcycletour offroad to Iceland

Bikesonroad goes offroad in 2018! Iceland is the destination – the land of trolls, elves and gnomes, a huge textbook on geological activities to look at, a country of opposites, hot thermal springs, the isolated vastness and fascinating scenery and of course: a gigantic playground for offroad riding.

Iceland, the land of trolls, elves and gnomes, a huge textbook on geological activities to look at, a country of opposites, hot thermal springs, the isolated vastness and fascinating scenery and of course: a gigantic playground for offroad riding.

If you have always wanted to visit Iceland, experience its isolated vastness, the force of nature and Nordic weather up close, always wanted to explore the Icelandic Highlands on a motorcycle and are not afraid to cross rivers and are eager to discover Iceland’s shows of nature then this tour is the one for you.
Tour description:

On this journey we want to explore Iceland’s highlands in particular. But of course we will also visit all the other top highlights Iceland has to offer. This is what we have planned:

  1. Day: Arrival in Reykjavik

Even when approaching Keflavik a look out of the plane window is recommended: black lava as far as the eye can see. We will pick you up at the airport and drive to our accommodation in Reykjavik. You now have time to take a stroll through Reykjavik or visit the famous geothermal spa Blue Lagoon located just outside Reykjavik. This is also your last chance to do something for your complexion as we are about to experience the desolate isolation of the highlands.

  1. Day: Golden Circle

We leave Reykjavik und warm up by riding predominantly on tarmacked roads to the Golden Circle, the classic Trio Islands: Thingvellir, Gullfoss, Geysir. The first stop is at Thingvellir, a vast green plain with Thingvallavatn, one of Iceland’s largest lakes. We can inhale historic air here. In times past the chiefs of different tribes met here once a year to discuss important issues. Today it is the summer residence of the Icelandic President. The old Vikings most probably did not realize when they chose this place as their meeting  spot that this area is where the Eurasian and North American continental plates separate, the so-called mid-Atlantic Ridge. We continue our way to Gullfoss, the golden waterfall and at the same time Iceland’s most famous waterfall. Roaring masses of water crash via two cliffs into the depths and in the sunshine a rainbow will span across the waterfall. A little bit quieter but no less spectacular is our next destination, the Geysir. Every 10 minutes a hot fountain gushes from the earth’s inside. This is also the place where we will stay the night. You will have enough time to explore the geyser region and of course the hotpot.


3.-6.Day: Highlands, first part

After all this culture it is now time to see what our motorcycles are capable of: off to the highlands! We cross isolated vast regions, meet our first rivers which need crossing, pass different lava formations, bordered by glaciers and inactive volcanos. We will explore lava caves, pass waterfalls, cross the Arnarvatnsheidi, a high plateau with countless lakes, stay the night in a geothermal area and are accompanied by the permanent desolate isolation. No wonder that outcasts fled here in the past. Up and downhill, across gravel, sand, rocks, rubble and rivers we reach the coast in the North of Iceland and carry on further to the Myvatn region.

  1. Day: Myvatn

Today will be a more relaxing day, at least for the ones who would like it to be that way. We will stay in the Myvatn region. Bubbling springs, everywhere you look it smokes, fizzes, splutters, puffs and steams. The odor of sulfur is in the air, in the background you find Lake Myvatn– geology live. We are back on the mid-Atlantic Ridge which explains all the geothermal activity and the impact of past volcanic activity respectively. The surroundings of Lake Myvatn are full of geological illustrative material: the Hverfjall Crater (a volcanic crater), Dimmuborgir (translated to dark castles which are volcanic caves and rock formations created when hot lava clashed on marshy ground), solfataras around Namaskard (active volcanic area) and the Krafla caldera. We stay here and recuperate. If you like you can relax the whole day with a cool beer in a hot spring or you explore the region. Of course if you are eager to get back on the motorcycle feel free to find out what the gravel tracks with a coastal view have to offer. Alternatively, you can also book a whalewatching tour.

  1. -11. Day: Highlands, second part

Recuperated, fit and hopefully without a hangover we return back to the Highlands. We ride  on diverse tracks past extensive gravel, sand and lava deserts and moss-covered lava formations, in the distance we will see Herdubreid, a distinctive flat-topped volcano, have a bath in the Askja caldera, are temporarily accompanied by Vatnajökull, Iceland’s largest glacier, cross countless rivers and seemingly endless moraine region. Slowly the countryside will change, the hills become more gentle and colourful, but in between you will still spot areas of snow. Even cottongrass meadows and moss-covered lava fields become more frequent. We reach the Landmannalaugar, the colourful mountains of Iceland and also the area with the highest resources of rhyolite (a volcanic rock which takes on different colours when it comes in contact with volcanic gases). As the mountains are so impressive and because of the presence of a natural hot spring we will stay here overnight and relax. Before we say our final goodbyes to the Highlands we will visit Eldgja, the impressive fire canyon, and at the same time the largest volcanic canyon in the world.

12.-14. Day: 

By now we have seen a lot of what Iceland has to offer but not everything by far. Across juddery tracks we reach impressive Laki, a volcanic fissure. Our efforts are rewarded with grand views. We will pass an old Viking farm building as well as Eyjafjallajökull (the cause of the chaos to aviation in 2010), coast and cliffs, black beaches, optionally Vatnajökull (the glacier with the highest volume of ice) and of course more waterfalls. And just maybe we will also get to see a troll …. ?

Full of impressions and after 1,600 km we return to Reykjavik. If you have the energy plunge yourself into Reykjavik’s night life or alternatively relax in the Blue Lagoon before we take you back to the airport and say our goodbyes.

Closing words:

This tour is suitable for bikers with offroad experience and plenty of endurance. A lot of the time will be spent offroad (gravel, sand, rock and rubble), up and downhill, crossing many rivers. The whole tour is designed as a camping trip accompanied by 4×4.

If you desire you can take the ferry from Denmark to Iceland (21-day-tour) before we meet in Reykjavik with the participants of the 14-day-tour.

Alternatively, you can fly to Iceland and we look after the transport of the motorcycle from Tübingen via Frankfurt, Hannover, Hamburg to Reykjavik.

Iceland is the largest volcanic island in the world and Reykjavik is the most Northern capital. Iceland’s largest glacier Vatnajökull is Europe’s glacier with the largest volume of ice (the ice cap is approx.. 1000m thick) and area-wise Iceland is the second-largest island in Europe after the UK. You can quickly underestimate the dimensions! 14 days is quite a good time frame to capture highlights of Iceland but due to its size it will remain just a glimpse.

Here a few facts and figures: area 103,125 km2, water 2,796 km2, highest elevation Hvannadalshnukar at 2,110m (part of Vatnajökull), 11% of the island is covered in ice, administered roads 13,004 km of which 4,331 km are luckily tarmacked, no motorways, no rail traffic, population 330,610, population

density of 3.2 habitants per km2, half the population live in Reykjavik and its neighbouring regions. Due to the infrastructure we will be camping for a large part of the trip and feed ourselves from expedition supplies.

These are the facts and figures. But Iceland is also the land of the trolls, elves and gnomes, a large textbook of geological activities to look at, the land of volcanos, geysers, glaciers and geothermal areas, the land of opposites, challenges, hot springs, waterfalls, desolate vastness, seemingly endless lava deserts and moraine areas, the land of water, untouched regions, the land with a touch of magic and plenty of adventure, original nature, fascinating and sometimes surreal fairytale countryside. We have to be aware of the luxury and privilege to travel this promising island on motorcycle and 4×4! Let’s indulge in this luxury. We welcome you to the motorcycle expedition ICELAND!


The tour description is to be seen as a recommendation. The exact course of travel can be adjusted according to the local conditions although we always strive to adhere to the described tour plan.



  • technical support in case of breakdown
  • transport of your luggage by 4×4
  • travel insurance
  • breakfast and dinner from our expedition supply
  • transport of motorcycle inclusive of tax and loading charges
  • tour map and equipment list for the Iceland expedition
  • competent German-speaking guide
  • expedition vehicle inclusive Co guide
  • campground and all overnight stays
  • second tour guide provided for groups larger than 10
  • insolvency and cancellation insurance

Not included:

  • all services not mentioned as included
  • extension of the trip to the Faroe Islands
  • rental 4×4 or motorcycle
  • visits to restaurants and alcohol
  • flights

Touroperator: Overcross

Tourguide: Judith Sande

Tour Date

from: 02. Aug 2018
until: 16. Aug 2018

Registration Deadline

28th February 2017
Price per person: € 3750

Tour Information

Number of participants: 6-12 participants
Riding Skills: This tour leeds us often offroad. Therefore you need to be able to handle your motorbike safe on- and offroad.
Overnight stay: tent
*Pflichtfeld / Required

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