Judith Sander

My name is Judith Sander and I am the engine of Bikesonroad.

I grew up in Northern Germany, Hanover to be exact. I lived there for a long time and worked as a nurse, sociologist and accountant. I have always liked being outdoors, so I spend most of my free time being out and about, enjoying nature and the mountains, whether it is on horseback or bicycle, hiking or on water. But my favourite way to enjoy the outdoors is riding a motorcycle! In 2014 my passion for the mountains led me to Switzerland where I now live. A step I have not regretted! The possibility to have the mountains at my doorstep is a quality of life I would not like to go without.

Even when I was young I could not wait to get on a motorcycle. I watched passing motorbikes full of desire. So the first thing I did when I turned 18 was to scrape together all my savings to buy my first motorcycle. This passion has just become stronger and over time I have combined it with my other passion, namely travelling.

With the experience gained over the years my courage for longer distances grew. Countries I have travelled to abroad are for example Iceland, France, Albania, Corsica, Sardinia, Romania and Kosovo. On average I travel 20.000 km a year, increasingly offroad. A flat tyre will not ruin my trip anymore.
As much as I love adventures and foreign cultures I also love exploring neighbouring regions with their hidden beauties and characteristics. And more importantly: I love to share my experiences and like others to benefit from my expertise.
Our priorities at Bikesonroad are regional characteristics, the charm of the region, slowing down, enjoyment and shared experiences.

I am looking forward to many memorable trips and exciting encounters with you!